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How to Reach Buyers Faster

One of the most effective methods of selling property is to apply a simple marketing technique: extend the seller’s reach. In real estate terms, this means reaching more buyers by implementing a broader marketing plan. In other words, increasing your visibility in the market.

Know how to reach more buyers to sell faster

It must be understood that, in the current state of the housing market, trying to sell a home on one site is no longer sufficient. Whether you are selling yourself or with a broker, the first rule is that you must post on multiple sites. In the age of the Web, buyers shop on the Internet and they visit many sites to find their future property.

Thus, as with any product that you want to sell and for which there is a lot of competition, it is essential to flood the market to make sure that the product (the home) will be seen by more people. In addition, by displaying property information on several sites, people will reach more buyers.

The principle is very simple: the more the home is seen, the faster it is sold. It is recommended to try and market the home on all free sites, as well as on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Selling with a broker

If a homeowner is selling with a broker, they should choose one that prioritizes their marketing plan specific to each client. In addition, even if LJ Hooker announces an owner is selling their home, they will expand their advertising reach by posting on other sites. Since the important thing is to be seen, the goal is to keep the ad at the top of the list.

On all ad sites, your property will glide quietly to the last pages of search results, reducing its visibility. Many websites offer options that allow sellers to keep their ad at the top of the list, thus, increasing visibility.

First impressions

A first impression makes all the difference. A neat and well-maintained exterior encourages people to request a visit. Inside, de-clutter by refining the decor and removing all personal items such as family photos.

Visitors must be able to imagine living in the home. Do the necessary housework and leave all pets outside – some visitors might appreciate pets less than you. Most buyers are looking for a well-lit home or condo, so open the curtains and turn on all the lights, even those in the closets and the basement. If required, add lighting to make the place look brighter. Visit for more information


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